The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of Kasetsart University is the only institution of higher education in Thailand which offers the only doctoral program of its discipline in agricultural economics in Thailand, and is increasingly recognized by international scholars.

It is a research-oriented program that aims of enhancing the analytical skills of mid-career, professionals and promising young academicians, with emphasis on empirical and applied research in agricultural and resource economics.

Our diverse international Ph.D. students have successfully broaden regional and international exchange of ideas in agricultural and resource development and policy issues into high quality research and publications that have been recognized internationally. The program has successfully created distinguished researchers in several countries including Ethiopia, Myanmar, Laos PDR, and Thailand.

Admission Requirements

Applicant must hold a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics, Economics or other related fields with a minimum of 9 credits in economics.

Complete application consist of:

    • Filled application form
    • Applicant’s academic records (Bachelor and Master’s degrees)
    • A TOEFL score (or equivalent English proficiency test)
    • Three letters of recommendation (sealed and signed envelops)
    • A concept paper of tentative topic that will be developed into a dissertation proposal
      (with concrete theoretical and methodological ideas, not to exceed 5,000 words

Application Process

Graduate Ph.D. Student Application Schedule for A.Y. 2022

Application Schedule


First Semester


1. Submission of application documents November 1, 2021 – January 28, 2022
2. Submission of a concept note for research and a power point presentation Second week of February 2022
3. Interview Last week of February 2022
4. Announcement of successful candidates 11 March 2022
5. Start of semester


how-to-apply-thApplication Process

    • Complete an online application form
    • Submit PDF of required application documents and proof of application fee payment
    • Verify applicant’s name and examination venue
Inquiries can be directed to:
Ph.D. Program in Agriculture and Resource Economics (International Program)
Phone: +662 579 2800, Fax: +662 579 9429
E-mail address:,

Course Fees

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Doctoral Degree Course Fees