Over a quarter century, the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of Kasetsart University was the only institution of higher education in Thailand which offered formal degree training in agricultural economics. Since 1960’s, there has been a rapid expansion in higher education and this has led to the establishment of B.S. degree program in agricultural economics in the regional universities. Starting from 1961 the Department of Agricultural Economics became a regional center for short and long term training for midcareer professionals from the ASEAN member countries.

Currently Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics offers two Bachelor of Science programs in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, a Master of Science program in Agricultural and Resource Economics, a Master of Art in Agribusiness, and a Doctor of Philosophy program in Agricultural and Resource Economics. Among them, the M.S. English program and Ph.D. international program are the only international graduate programs in Agricultural and Resource Economics in the country.

During the past decade, we receive full-time international students, visiting professors and researchers from several Asian countries, particularly ASEAN members. Furthermore, the departmental seminars and lectures regularly welcome distinguished speakers from around the world. Many of our staff have collaborative research projects with renowned agricultural economists, and have been trusted by national and international organizations to conduct research in Thailand. The department is well-equipped with teaching facility, library, and computer laboratory for excellent learning in economic theory while emphasizing on practical applications for local and international agricultural development.