A regular two-year program requires a minimum of 36 credits that comprises 24 credits of coursework and 12 credits of thesis. The required courses of 24 credits are: 2 credits of seminar, 13 credits of core courses, and 9 credits of electives. Our program offers only Plan A2.

The maximum permissible period for the completion of a master’s degree does not exceed 5 academic years as deemed from the date of acceptance for study. Note that you need to submit your official thesis proposal within the 4th semester. Otherwise, you will leave the program automatically.

Total Requirement 36 Credits
1 Required Courses 24 Credits
Seminar (1,1) – 01119597 2 Credits
Core Courses 13 Credits
Electives  9 Credits
2 Thesis – 01119599 12 Credits

It is the student’s responsibility to know the calendar, regulations, and pertinent procedures of the Graduate School and to meet its standards and requirements.

1. Year of study. The maximum permissible period for the degree completion is 5 academic years. If students fail to comply with this permissible period, their status is terminated.

2. Thesis proposal. Students are required to submit their thesis proposal to the Graduate School before the end of the 4th regular semester since commencement of studies.

3. Final oral examination of thesis. Students are to submit the thesis to the final examination committee at least 7 days prior to the examination.

4. Submission of complete thesis. Students who cannot submit their complete thesis within 120 days from the final examination date, the pertinent final oral examination results are to be rendered void.

5. Graduation. For students to graduate:
a. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 out of 4.00 is to be attained.
b. The complete thesis to be submitted to the Graduate School
c. Students are to be successfully passed the English language examination.
d. An achievement of either publication or at least approval for publication of thesis or parts of thesis in journals or academic publications, or alternatively, presentation of thesis in a academic conference which issues proceedings of the conference.

More information can be accessed here:  Important regulations and guidelines