International Seminar on Consumer Preferences in Rice

Organized by

Agricultural and Food Economics Research Unit (AFER)
Faculty of Economics, Center for Advanced Studies for Agriculture and Food (CASAF)
Kasetsart University, Thailand Research Fund (TRF), and Knowledge Network Institute of Thailand (KNIT)

February 17th, 2015 KU Home

Documents Presentation
1. Agenda_International Seminar on Consumer Preferences in Rice
2. Subra Aromatic Rice Trade and Mkt Situation
3. Custodio Preferences of urban rice consumers in South and SE Asia
4. Albani_Global Export Mkting of Cambodia Fragrant Rice
5. Passeri_Geographical Indications
6. Demont_Revealed Preferences of African Consumers for Rice Quality Attributes
7. Nayga_WTP for hybrid rice
8. Han_Korean Consumers Valuation for Domestic, Chinese, and US Rice
9. Gemma_Napasintuwong_WTP for GI Hom Mali Rice